SAS Analyst - FAB
Active: 31 Jul, 2018
  • Expericen : 7 - 10 Years
  • India

Work Experience

SAS Analyst FAB

( October 2017 to Array )
• Provide the Cards & Loans Settlement MIS on Monthly basis. • Prepare Write-off customer entire portfolio to Recovery and Legal team. • Provide Cheque Presentation MIS to Legal team. • Prepare the Clearance Letters for Settlement & Legal MIS. • Update the Legal Flags (Civil, Criminal, Docs with Lawyers, BTB etc) on back-end Intellect system. • Provide the SMS & Emails Files for Delinquent & Settlement Accounts. • Prepare Credit & Debit Reversal balance accounts to Operation Department on monthly basis.


May 2008 to September 2017
• Provide the Cards & Loans Recovery & GCL MIS on daily basis. • Collection MIS for Cards & Loans, Updating Cards is-Was MIS on a daily basis. • Prepare CAP Tracking MIS for Cards & Loans. • Schedule monthly decks for internal and external reporting (Like write-off, Re-age, Re-Write, CLD etc.) • Providing MIS for In-House & Third party agency strategy allocations and performance. • No activity / No contact report for Cards & Loans on weekly basis. • Preparing a Delinquency MIS report Citi business (LCB). • Prepare Blocking and unblocking of Cards from Nextgen DWH Collections tables. • Update & prepare EMEA Flash report for cards, Loans recoveries and collection data (kept, contacts, promise) on daily basis. • Provide the Collector level collection MIS on daily basis and call monitoring MIS on collector level. • Delinquent Customers to send E-mails and SMS’s on cycle basis through Café (Cards application front-end system) and Sybase application. • Part of Rainbow project to validate retail tables on Nextgen DWH. • Validate new KPI’s and data flow in Production & UAT environment on Nextgen. • Preparing cubes using local cards & loans raw data sets for business. • Handled UAE Central Banking EMV project to convert all Credit cards into EMV. • Have created critical MIS for Assets, Retail & E-Business such as cards circulation, 0% EPP, Secure Wallet, NTB cards & loans Welcome letters, Retail NTB, Branch Teller, Citi-Alerts. • Schedule Daily & Weekly Critical MIS on UNIX server • Providing post campaign analysis for inactivated cards fulfillment. • Uploading & creating the campaign through COPS/eCRM. • Generating X-Sell list & uploading in the eCRM system for Tele-Calling, SMS, Email & online channels. • Uploading HTML files through Kana application to show the details on front-end screen. • Setup multiple campaigns on SAS scheduler for automated daily list generation. • Analyzed marketing data to access effectiveness of various campaigns. • Providing the customer’s rating report to UAE Central bank on monthly basis. • Generating weekly & monthly FX Revenue reports to Wealth management team. • Provide various penetration reports for email, mobile which helps business for customer communication. • Generate monthly PDR (Product Depth Ratio) MIS to EMEA Region. • Worked closely with Compliance department for generating various Audit reports. • Prepared flat files for uploading data in RAINBOW System like Citi-Alerts, EMV. • Prepare Monthly Incentive Innovation MIS for Sales Department (Cards & Loans). • Part of ECS+ project to validate Asset tables on DWH tables. • Generating and delivering monthly and Daily reports to Targeted users. • Downloading the on-demand reports for UAE & BAH. • Provide monthly TRB balance MIS & post the TRB charges through system. • Have created various complex monarch models for data extraction and reporting. • Prepared reward calculations for co-brand credit cards (UBP, EK_Debit, Retention) & uploading miles through NDM server. • Handled café (Cards application front-end system) application for sending E-Statements and communication emails to the customers.


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Key Skills:
  • SAS EG 5.1
  • SAS 9.2
  • MONARCH PRO 10.0

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